Turkish bath (Hamam) Conditions of Entry


Your safety is our main priority, Ottoman Turkish Bath & Day Spa ask all customers to adhere to the Conditions of Entry while using the Hamam facilities. We want all our customers to make the most of the Turkish bath by having a relaxed and rejuvenated experience. All customers using the hamam will be asked to sign a copy of the conditions of entry before entering. Please note: a valid NSW drivers licence or photo ID with signature must be presented while signing this document on the day of booking.


Please read the following carefully:


  • Turkish bath (Hamam) steam room requires an entry fee which is payable at the main reception desk.
  • All persons using the Turkish bath (Hamam) steam room do so at their own risk.
  • All persons must beware of wet surfaces and floors while entering, using and exiting the Turkish bath (Hamam) steam room.
  • Floors will be slippery at all times. All guests are asked to bring appropriate poolside footwear such as thongs when walking in and around the Turkish bath (Hamam) steam room.
  • Recommend usage time limit is 20 minutes, with break in-between intervals.
  • Persons with the following conditions are advised not to use the Turkish bath (Hamam) steam room:
      • Covid-19 or severe flu like symptoms and/or fever
      • Heart conditions
      • High blood pressure
      • While pregnant
      • During your period
      • Have skin conditions or irritations
      • Physical injuries or had recent surgery
      • Chronic severe respiratory conditions e.g. asthma
      • Claustrophobia
      • Under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication
      • Persons with stomach illnesses, digestive disorders, open cuts, open sores, skin infections, eye infections or respiratory infections are prohibited from using the Hamam facilities.
  • All children 16 years and under must be accompanied and supervised at all times by a parent or responsible person who is at least 16 years old.
  • Children under the age of 7 (i.e. infants especially) are not advised to use the Turkish bath (Hamam)
  • Turkish bath (Hamam) maybe closed at intervals for cleaning purposes
  • Use of any oils, fragrances, and creams other than those provided by the Ottoman Turkish Bath & Day Spa is prohibited at all times. Using your own shampoo is allowed. Please let Ottoman bath staff know if you have any allergies or reactions to the products we use. It is your responsibility to inform us of your conditions. Ottoman Turkish Bath & Day Spa will not be held liable should you have a reaction to the oils and fragrances we provide.
  • Turkish bath (Hamam) will be inspected at regular intervals. If guests leave the Hamam in an unpleasant manner. E.g. rubbish, body and/or bodily matter, exfoliated skin, large amounts of hair, nails clippings etc., will be charged an additional cleaning fee and will not be tolerated.
  • All users must wear recognised swimwear made from lycra or nylon at all times when entering and using the Hamam.
  • We also please ask that guests behave in an appropriate manner while using the Turkish bath (Hamam). Flashing or inappropriate and won’t be tolerated. Guests will be asked to leave and refused future entry to the Hamam.
  • For the safety and privacy of guests and staff, photography within the centre is prohibited without management approval. Patrons must leave their mobile phones in their lockers and not bring into the Hamam.
  • You must dry off before accessing designated dry areas such as the restrooms and reception.
  • Secure your personal belongings. Lockers will be provided. Management is not responsible for loss or damage to property.
  • Any person destroying property, equipment, risking the safety of others, or found in breach of these conditions will be asked to leave the centre and pay for damages. Guests must not leave the water continuously running and overflowing the bowl after they have used the Hamam.
  • Taps must be fully closed when leaving the Hamam. If water is left running after session is finished an additional fee will be charged to offending guests.
  • Guests are asked to comply with centre rules and directions of staff at all times. Failure to comply with these conditions of entry may result in the individual or group being refused entry or being asked to leave. Refunding of any money will be refused.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone. These terms and conditions may change at any time without notice.


Effective June 2020


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Men's/Couples Hamam bookings** Must call for appointment

*Note a deposit is taken as a confirmation for your booking. Deposits are non-refundable.
**We are a women's only Hamam. Men's/Couples sessions require special bookings.


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